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Who we are

Our closely knit team of consultants with unique experience as law firm partners, IT directors, lawyers, knowledge management professionals, project managers, business analysts, software vendors and risk and compliance partners, offers our clients a thoughtful and practical approach to meet their needs.

Our team

Our principles

Our integrity is our most valuable asset

We are open and honest with our clients at all times, even when that means delivering information that the firm may not wish to hear.  We take objective views, respect our clients confidentiality and remain (and will always be) independent of all suppliers.

Team work makes the team work

Utilising the experience and knowledge of our team ensures our clients get the best possible advice looking at a problem from a variety of view points.

We pride ourselves on high quality advice

We take a practical and pragmatic approach, always looking at issues from the business perspective without reinventing the wheel at our clients' expense.  We are thought leaders in our given area, willing to take time to keep up with current thinking and contribute to the debate on issues of interest.

Always working in the client's interest

We always work to the best interest of the firm, not our contact on any engagement. This ensures the firm is confident the advice we supply is in its best interest not any one individuals'.

Working to improve the world in which we live

Whether through our charity events, time allocated to volunteering or committing to 90% of our travel via public transport, we are constantly looking how as a team we can improve the world around us.

To bring energy and engagement

Large projects can take their toll on those who are involved day-to-day and have a BAU role.  We work to ensure perspective is maintained and inject energy where it is needed to get projects over the line.

Our story

Founded by Paul Longhurst in 2006, we are now a team of approaching 20 with over 150 clients and 400 engagements under our collective belt.  This has included working with the largest law firms in the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East, with mid-tier firms using case tools to manage large volume, low margin workloads, and with niche practices where we have provided IT strategies and fractional leadership.


Our mix of former law firm Partners and IT professionals brings a unique insight to clients who benefit from the team’s knowledge-sharing during monthly 3Kites days and mid-month scrum calls where engagements and products are discussed in order to resolve issues and improve understanding.


We are independent of all suppliers and have no formal or informal relationships with them in order to ensure that clients receive advice free from any vendor-influence.  However, we recognise the importance of good relationships with these same suppliers to keep on top of technical and functional developments.


We take a practical approach to engagements, always looking at issues from the business perspective without

re-inventing the wheel at the client's expense.  We are thought leaders in our given areas, willing to take time to keep up with current thinking and contribute to the debate on issues of interest.


This is the 3Kites way, with our consultants blending experience and creativity with energy and humour to give our clients the best outcome… it all comes down to people in the end.  

Have a challenge that you would like to talk through?  We'd love to hear from you:

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