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Recent programmes and projects

Case management system selection and implementation


Document Management selection and implementation


Interim IT Director


IT Director as a Service


IT reviews


IT strategy creation


Matter Inception process review and system selection


Office move project management


Practice management system selection

My interest in IT started with my introduction to coding on my first computer (a Commodore 64), since then I have worked in a number of IT related roles and in 2003 I became the Head of IT at Hugh James in Cardiff. This role required me to deliver a range of IT solutions to legal departments with varying approaches to time recording, document and case management and differing views on required levels of process and system automation.

Firms understand how important IT can be to its business in achieving its business goals but do not always know what IT solutions are possible, and the IT department does not always understand the issues the firm faces to know what solutions to present.

A disconnect between IT and the firm’s management team is not unusual and being able to act as the bridge between these two teams is where I offer most value, being able to understand business requirements and clarify these for IT professionals to ensure the right solutions are presented at the right time.

My experience includes:

  • System selection, including case and matter management systems and document management.

  • Reviewing business processes and implementing improvements to business and legal processes.

  • Helping a firm with a wide range of IT services projects including developing an IT strategy, IT supplier selection and review, data security review, and an infrastructure review considering a move to the cloud.

  • Project management of system implementation.

  • Interim IT team management roles.

  • Advising and providing guidance on a range of IT issues.

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