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Recent programmes and projects

Client publications platform deployment (Knowledge project)

ntranet build, migration and deployment (Knowledge project)

My consulting journey began at Capita, a leading outsourcing company, where I worked on central and local government initiatives as a graduate. This experience was instrumental in providing me with deep insights into the intricacies of large-scale transformation programs. One standout moment was my involvement in a £300 million NHS digital transformation project, which marked a significant milestone in my career.

After my tenure at Capita, I spent many years using my transformation programme experience within the dynamic retail sector. As an independent Business Analyst, I had the honor of helping high-street brands like SuperDry, The White Company, Ryman, and Robert Dyas achieve their strategic goals via the delivery of technology and operational projects.

More recently, my focus has shifted to the legal sector, where I've once again used my transformation programme experience to support an international law firm's Knowledge Management strategy. During my tenure, I played a critical role in transitioning the firm to a new intranet platform, which involved a SharePoint Online migration effort impacting over 7,000 employees. Additionally, I helped successfully deliver the firm's first aggregated news, insights and analysis platform for clients, further enhancing their offering as firm.

Going forward, I am committed to utilising the wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained to help our clients at 3 Kites to achieve their strategic goals and aspirations in a way that works right for them.

My experience includes:

  • Transformation programme experience

  • Legal project experience

  • Build and deployment of Knowledge Management systems

  • HighQ platform deployment

  • SharePoint Online deployment

  • Data migration

  • Data mapping

  • Business Process Mapping Notation (BPMN)

  • Facilitating stakeholder workshops

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