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My first role in the legal IT sector was as a systems programmer for Allen & Overy in 1988, starting with IBM mainframe systems and moving on to UNIX.  In time, I built a Production Services team of c. 20 which had responsibility for the firm’s entire server and network infrastructure across all of its offices.  I then moved to Herbert Smith as Development Manager and built a team of a similar size which implemented document management, knowledge management, CRM, and a number of Outlook-based desktops amongst others.  I also created a Business Integration team to help the firm align IT more closely with the business it served – this was essentially internal consulting.


After more than 15 years in these firms, I took on the role of managing consulting teams in two legal-sector suppliers before founding 3Kites in June of 2006.  My objectives were two-fold: I wanted to build long term relationships with clients that were based on trust and delivering results and have the flexibility to spend time with a young family.  This approach has been core to the success of all our consultants who continue to provide excellent service to our more-than 70 law firm clients whilst having a sensible work-life balance.


I initially specialised in document-based projects but have broadened my skills and experience with 3Kites to the point where I am often guiding firms on replacing their practice, case/matter or document management system, mapping processes, reviewing policy or defining IT strategy.  I sometimes work alongside one of my colleagues to help bring order to a failing IT team or use my deep experience across legal IT to give clients a perspective they may not have.

My experience includes:

  • Product selection, especially of PMS, HR, case management and DMS platforms

  • Providing Exec teams with oversight and independent guidance on key implementation

  • Process mapping, policy/reporting review, integration strategy in preparation for significant implementation

  • Creating strategies, primarily for IT and including organisational change such as building a PMO function

  • Interim IT management

  • Assisting with innovation initiatives

  • Intranet refreshes, including the delivery of KM and search functions

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