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Fractional IT Director

​We provide experienced fractional IT Directors on a time basis to suit your firm’s needs, saving the need to employ permanent IT Directors whilst providing firms access to high quality, experienced, technology professionals who ensure the IT environment is aligned to the business’s needs.

We also provide cover for extended periods of leave or to fill gaps when a key director or manager leaves, until a suitable replacement can be recruited. Each arrangement is tailored to the needs of the organisation.


Strategic IT advice for management



Team and supplier


System selection and contract management


IT project and change management

Benefits of a Fractional IT Director

  • Reduced cost compared to an experienced permanent IT Director

  • Ensuring IT keeps up with the fast paced market changes

  • Managing suppliers to ensure service delivered is as expected

  • Implementing an IT strategy and plan for the firm

  • Providing confidence to a firm's management team that its business plans are fully utilising IT


  • Developing, formulating and delivering IT strategies and plans

  • Allowing the management team to focus on the day job rather than managing IT

  • Undertaking regular solution and contract reviews to ensure the right solutions are being used

  • Providing confidence in the reliability of IT services and disaster recovery/business continuity plans

  • Ensuring the firm is utilising the investment it has made in IT

  • Bringing the experience of working with a range of different firms

  • Overseeing existing IT teams to ensure correct practices are being followed

Fractional IT Directors are also referred to as...

...Outsourced IT Director

...Virtual IT Director

...Fractional CIO

...IT Director as a Service (ITDaaS)

...Part time IT Director

Fractional IT Director recent examples

  • December 2022 to present. Providing an interim IT Director to a 300 person firm to oversee two strategic projects and support the IT team following the departure of the firm’s IT Director. The 3Kites IT Director was able to review key projects, an office move and DMS migration, recommend improvements to the project plans, oversee delivery whilst providing the management team confidence that the projects will be delivered on time and to budget.

  • December 2021 to present. We worked with a new IT Director at a 300-person firm to help it formulate the firm’s IT strategy, provide guidance on team structure and plan an approach to address key IT issues the firm was facing. We have continued to provide IT project support and will move to a board advisory role when the current project plan is complete.

  • December 2020 to present. We have provided a flexible IT Director service to a 170 person firm where the requirement for an IT Director changed to reflect the projects being undertaken.  What was originally a two day per month engagement increased to one day per week while the firm undertook a complete IT refresh and has now returned to two days a month to provide ongoing supplier management and awareness of Legal IT solutions.

  • October 2020 to present. Following on from a system selection project, one of our consultants has maintained an ongoing role as an IT Director for a 120 people firm allowing the Partner assigned to IT to focus on running their legal team.  The postholder developed and agreed an IT strategy with the firm’s leadership team and now works alongside the existing IT Team to ensure its delivery, whilst keeping the leadership team aware of progress.  A key element of the ongoing role is to alert the firm’s leadership team to changes to legal IT solutions/landscape so that potential opportunities can be identified and considered as part of the business strategy.​​

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Penelope Garden
IT Partner, FSP

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We used 3 Kites for our iManage selection and implementation, as we were coming to the end of the iManage project we spoke about ongoing support and 3Kites IT Director as a service offering because I lacked the detailed knowledge or time to properly drive our IT strategy forward and knew they offered interim IT director services.  Jon started for us in October 2020 and initially did two days a month for us which I have now increased to a day a week. He has made a massive difference to me, the IT team and the firm more widely so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Our clients often find it useful to have external legal advice on contracts for the purchase of new systems.  We regularly work with Kemp IT Law which has unparalleled experience of negotiating contracts with suppliers of software to professional services firms.  Working together, 3Kites and Kemp IT Law offer a comprehensive service to professional services firms and businesses for their technology requirements.

Areas we work in

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Strategic Audit and Review

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System Review and Selection

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Fractional IT Director

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