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System Review and Selection

We have developed a methodology and key templates for system review and selection for a thorough but streamlined approach.

We start by engaging with users and system and process owner.

We ask the right questions and have the understanding to interpret the answers so that they can be translated into practical investment decisions.

We identify requirements, engage with suppliers, conduct a tender process, and analyse and present supplier responses.

We help clients make decisions which are best suited to their specific needs.

We remain steadfastly independent of all suppliers

Business management

  • (Financial) Practice management

  • Work intake

  • Data analytics, management information and dashboards

  • Client relationship management

  • External counsel management

  • E-Billing

Delivering professional services

  • Document management

  • Knowledge management

  • Case and matter management

  • Contract management

  • Document automation

  • Contract review and AI

  • Intranets

  • Extranets and client portals

Our clients often find it useful to have external legal advice on contracts for the purchase of new systems.  We regularly work with Kemp IT Law which has unparalleled experience of negotiating contracts with suppliers of software to professional services firms.  Working together, 3Kites and Kemp IT Law offer a comprehensive service to professional services firms and businesses for their technology requirements.

Recent projects

  • We have been involved in nearly 40 Practice Management projects, including requirements gathering, product selection, and project managing the implementation.  We have also assisted firms in improving their use of an existing PMS in order to derive better value from it.  Our clients have ranged from large international law firms to single office organisations.

  • We have been involved in over 80 Knowledge Management projects, ranging from firm-wide KM reviews, to the specification and implementation of knowledge repositories and new intranets. We are regularly involved in training and mentoring knowledge managers.

  • We have undertaken multiple Document Management System selection projects, assisting firms with the design of the configuration of the selected systems in order to meet the requirements gathered. 

  • We have experience of completing work intake/Client Matter Inception projects with a range of firms, reviewing the technology being used, the processes being followed and the use of central resources.  Our legal experience enables us to appreciate the compliance requirements of these processes in depth.  We have assisted firms in evaluating software products against requirements both for client and matter inception and for managing client terms.

  • We have worked on multiple Case and Matter Management projects, reviewing existing systems, selecting new ones and being involved in the detailed specification and configuration of case workflows.

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David Pike

COO, Bedell Cristin

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3Kites assisted our firm with the evaluation and selection of a replacement PMS, helping us to review a number of available options in a methodical and consistent way that allowed the project team to arrive at a decision best suited to our specific needs. The due diligence process, which 3Kites has honed over scores of previous engagements, provided us with the flexibility to adjust points of focus where necessary whilst following a clear path towards choosing a preferred supplier and enabled us to obtain stakeholder buy-in and agreement across the firm.  The sure-footed guidance of their consultants, who have extensive experience as IT professionals and former lawyers, provided support throughout the process including at the conclusion of the selection when dealing with the chosen supplier on both commercial terms and pricing.

Areas we work in

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Strategic Audit and Review

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System Review and Selection

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Fractional IT Director

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