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The Project Side

Although many firms have paused expenditure whilst there is so much uncertainty, no business can afford to stand still.  Upgrades to business systems, process changes and efficiency improvements need to continue if firms are going to stay competitive… and competitiveness in the new world may need to be different from the old.  

In our experience of continuing to run and deliver projects during lockdown, it has become crystal clear to us that best practice is still best practice when working remotely, but MUCH more so.  You cannot afford to be sloppy in the way you handle projects, meetings and communication.  The lack of social interaction around the edges of what we do means that the thoughts and issues that don't get picked up formally won't get picked up informally.  

Gathering business requirements has always been an important part of a change project.  But requirements that were articulated pre-lockdown may need to be reviewed in the light of recent experience.  Where it was felt that change needed to be incremental, it may now be possible to move more quickly.  And there may be additional requirements arising from having to work remotely which were not anticipated.  

We have developed a tip sheet on running projects remotely.  You can obtain a copy by emailing


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