We provide experienced leadership on a flexible basis to firms who wish to have high quality input to their technology, knowledge management or legal operations functions but do not need to make a permanent appointment.

We also provide cover for extended periods of leave or to fill gaps when a key director or manager leaves, until a suitable replacement can be recruited. 

Each arrangement is tailored to the needs of the organisation.


Benefits of Fractional Leadership

  • Knowledge and experience drawn from many years of working within professional services firms ranging in size from 20 people to magic circle law firms.

  • Confidence that the firm's leadership has received input of strategic and experienced leaders.

  • Effective promotion of the relevant function’s expertise and technologies across the organisation.

  • Creation and ownership of strategy which together with regular reporting against agreed goals will allow the members of the leadership team to focus on their roles.

  • Reduced costs compared to a permanent appointment.

  • Flexibility of arrangements and responsiveness to your needs.

Recent Projects


  • We provided a full-time IT Director to a 1,500 people firm to ensure consistency in the delivery of the projects that made up the IT strategy. This gave the management team confidence that the IT department would continue to move in the agreed direction while the permanent IT Director was recruited. We continued to provide ongoing support to the new IT Director, with a gradual handover while they familiarised themselves with the new role.


  • We provided part-time cover for the Knowledge Management function of a magic circle firm when its leader left the firm and until a replacement was appointed and took up her new role. 


  • We provided a part time IT Director for a firm which did not need a full-time role.


  • Following on from a system selection project, one of our consultants has maintained an ongoing role as an IT Director for a 150 people firm allowing the Partner assigned to IT to focus on running their legal team. The post holder developed and agreed an IT strategy with the firm’s leadership team, and then worked with the IT Team to ensure its delivery, while keeping the leadership team aware of progress. A key element of the ongoing role is to alert the firm’s leadership team to changes to legal IT solutions/landscape so that potential opportunities can be identified and considered as part of the business strategy.


  • We worked with a new IT Director at a 300-person firm to help them formulate the firm’s IT strategy, provide guidance on team structure and plan an approach to address key IT issues the firm was facing.


  • Working with a large, national law firm, we helped to bring control and direction ahead of a permanent appointment.  Whilst not wishing to encumber any new appointee with an IT strategy they had not defined, we were happy to create a short term strategy and implement some significant  organisational changes such as creating a Project Office to improve work take-on, prioritisation and delivery.


Knowledge Management

Legal Operations


"We have worked with the team at 3Kites since 2009, engaging their consultants on various initiatives ranging from project management to interim IT Director and many others in between.  The team has grown over the time that we have worked together but retains the strong values that convinced us to work with them in the first place.  As Managing Partner, I particularly appreciate their no-nonsense, honest approach to work as I know that I can trust them to consider the needs of the business above any software or services provider that we might be working with or considering.  They have a deep understanding of the legal sector and will take the time to get under the skin of our business to identify what is needed - they are happy to roll their sleeves up one day and innovate the next where this is called for.  Trust is a word often used cheaply but here, in relation to 3Kites, it is well deserved."  

Vivienne Williams – Managing Partner, BLM


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