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Fractional KM Director

We can provide an experienced fractional Knowledge Management (“KM”) Director to firms whose KM function is in its infancy or which is fragmented in practice groups and/or is lacking in centralised co-ordination and strategic focus.  This provides firms with access to high quality, experienced professionals without the need to employ a full-time member of staff. 

A fractional KM Director can be flexible to the needs of the firm in terms of time and cost. 

Where a firm is just beginning to tackle KM or where its KM service is struggling to scale effectively as a firm grows, the fractional role could drive the establishment of appropriate knowledge systems and processes ready to be handed over to a KM Partner or a future Head of KM appointee on a part-time basis.   

We can also provide cover for extended periods of leave or to fill gaps when a key knowledge leader leaves until a suitable replacement can be found. It is alarming how quickly knowledge-sharing processes and systems fall into disrepair and how easily knowledge-sharing culture is eroded when a firm loses a knowledge champion/figurehead in a firm of any size. Having fractional cover can help to ensure that some focus on KM activities can be maintained during periods of hiatus. 

Each arrangement is tailored to the needs of the organisation and will begin with an initial fixed-price review of the firm’s KM operations and strategy and the needs and aspirations of the business in order to determine the scope and focus of the fractional role.

Benefits of a Fractional KM Director

  • Reduced cost compared to a full time experienced permanent KM Director 

  • Ensuring the firm keeps up with strategic thinking and the latest developments in KM and generative AI 

  • Alignment of KM initiatives with the firm’s overall business strategy and helping the firm to formulate a prioritised implementation roadmap for initiatives 

  • Ensuring co-ordination amongst any existing Knowledge staff, including Professional Support Lawyers/Knowledge Lawyers, conducting/contributing to appraisals of those staff and to the setting of their priorities and objectives and lending an experienced voice to the recruitment process for new Knowledge team hires 

  • Assessment of legal learning programmes and competency frameworks 

  • Reviewing incentives for fee earners and partners for contributions to knowledge and use of the firm’s knowledge systems 

  • Reviewing and enhancing the firm’s processes and systems in relation to Knowledge capture, storage, sharing and curation 

  • Engagement with practice heads and other Partners about their knowledge needs and the way in which KM can support their practices 

  • Ensuring that Knowledge Partners within each practice are identified, briefed and consulted and reporting to the firm’s management team on progress against the Knowledge strategy and implementation plan  

  • Encouraging and supporting the adoption of new KM and legal tech tools to ensure the firm receives a return on its investment  

  • Assisting the firm with developing its knowledge sharing and collaboration culture and channels 

  • Contribution to firmwide projects, where a KM perspective may be important, such as the implementation of MS Teams/365, leveraging the firm’s matter data, DMS, CRM, Case Management and PMS projects, etc.  (Depending on the commitment required to these projects it may be necessary to regard this element as a separate engagement.) 

We would expect the Fractional KM Director to report to the firm’s CEO/COO/Managing Partner or to a Management Board.  The arrangement can be on a fixed term or a rolling month to month basis.


If you would like to discuss whether this service might be helpful for your firm to help elevate your Knowledge service (both internally for your people and externally to your clients) to the next level, please contact:  

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Kate Stanfield
Director of Knowledge Management,
Collas Crill


We reached out to 3Kites to support our new team of professional support lawyers, some of whom have only recently crossed over from fee earning. Jenni's experience in having made the same transition, and thoughtful personalisation of the training to our firm's needs made it a very valuable set of sessions, and her enthusiasm was infectious. Rather than just looking at the basics of knowledge management itself, Jenni offered meaningful insights into the relationship between knowledge management and fee earners. They left the session with a number of ideas for initiatives on improving stakeholder engagement, and a deeper understanding of what it means to work in knowledge management

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