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Recent programmes and projects

DMS implementation projects


DMS training mentoring

Rebrand implementation projects

Regulatory standard implementation projects

Programme Management Office (PMO) set up, support

Project Management review


Project Management mentoring

Process mapping

I have over 25 years’ experience of working within professional services (including HR, Business Support and IT), with more than 15 of these spent in a law firm split equally between the Senior Leadership Team and IT.  Having done both, I have a real focus on ensuring that technology does what is required by the business - put simply, that it does its job and is helpful to those people using it.


I have been involved with mergers from both a team and a firm perspective.  I find these challenges really interesting and enjoy the process of bringing together two sets of people with their own reputation and culture and helping to make them into a single, united entity. 


Working with diverse teams in different functions, I have experience of assessing the service provided,  implementing formal and informal engagement with stakeholders/customers, reviewing and formalising recruitment processes, implementing individual and team performance measures, reviewing processes and training managers/team leaders on team and performance management.

This breadth of experience and having delivered projects as a project manager, received projects from an IT Service and a user perspective gives me an understanding and empathy of project delivery from all angles.  I understand the pressures of internal support teams who are busy and then have to deliver a project.  I understand the importance of taking people on a journey of change, communicating clearly and helping them accept the changes that projects bring.


My experience includes:

  • Team management (IT, PA’s, support teams)

  • Business relationship management

  • Business service side of system upgrades

  • Process reviews and improvements

  • Integrating teams post-merger

  • Working as part of a Project Management Office

  • IT change management

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