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I have over 25 years’ experience of working within professional services (including HR, Business Support and IT), with more than 16 of these spent in a law firm split equally between the Management Team and IT.  Having done both, I have a real focus on ensuring that technology does what is required by the business - put simply, that it does its job and is helpful to those people using it.


I have been involved with mergers from both a team and a firm perspective.  I find these challenges really interesting and enjoy the process of bringing together two sets of people with their own reputation and culture and helping to make them into a single, united entity.   In IT, I have undertaken different roles including Change Manager, Business Relationship Manager and IT Business Service Manager.  Each of these roles, in different ways, provided a link between the business and the services that the IT team provided.


Working with diverse teams in different functions, I have experience of assessing the service provided,  implementing formal and informal engagement with stakeholders/customers, reviewing and formalising recruitment processes, implementing individual and team performance measures, reviewing processes and training managers/team leaders on team and performance management.


My experience includes:

  • Team management (IT, PA’s, support teams)

  • Business relationship management

  • Business service side of system upgrades

  • Process reviews and improvements

  • Integrating teams post-merger

  • Working as part of a Project Management Office

  • IT change management

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