We help our clients by reviewing their IT, Legal Operations and/or Knowledge Management and identifying practical improvements to enhance efficiency.

Our strategic reviews:

  • Are grounded in the needs of the organisation

  • Are aligned with the organisation’s business strategy

  • Are practical

  • Seek to maximise the use of existing tools and technology where appropriate

  • Address culture and working practices as much as technology.

We have recently undertaken strategic reviews in the following areas:

  • IT strategy

  • Legal Operations Technology review

  • Knowledge Management review

  • IT infrastructure & cloud

  • Software selection and implementation

  • Data security procedures & practices

  • Legal process improvement

  • Legal Project Management

  • Product integration

  • Master Data management


We have also provided organisational structure and behavioural advice and change management in the following areas:

  • IT team structure

  • KM team roles and structure

  • PSLs / KDLs / Innovation

  • Legal Ops roles

  • Change management

  • Training (especially IT training)

  • Partnership management and appraisals

Recent Projects

  • We have conducted multiple IT Strategy Reviews for law firms and other professional services practices.  We assess the infrastructure, applications, security, service levels and IT team in the light of the business’s current and likely future needs in order to produce an IT strategy and roadmap including a detailed and prioritised project list.  We then assist firms in rationalising what they have and filling any gaps, and if appropriate evaluating and selecting outsourced IT service providers.  

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has shown just how important it is for organisation to have a robust knowledge plan and the appropriate team and resources.  With a dispersed workforce, the ability to access knowhow and templates remotely and to make the most of document automation, contract review and other legal technologies has become essential. 

  • Several firms have used our services to conduct a review of the effectiveness of their Knowledge Management teams, systems and processes.   Our well-honed process involves consultation with the business in a manner designed to take up as little of their time as possible, engagement with senior management and other stakeholders, client consultation where appropriate and a review of KM activities and staffing against the priorities of each part of the business.  Our reports deliver practical recommendations and a roadmap to achieve improvements. 

  • We have conducted reviews of the Legal Operations of in-house legal teams and reviewed the legal technology available to them, making recommendations as to how existing technology could be better utilised, and identifying requirements for improved processes and software. 

  • We have conducted reviews of firms’ Document Management systems, identifying areas where efficiency and risk management could be improved by configuration changes, the implementation of additional modules and the provision of supplementary training.


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