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Legal Tech roadmap

I have broad experience of working in director of knowledge roles within law firms over the past 20 years.  The roles range from establishing knowledge functions and teams within organisations, to director of knowledge & information at a magic circle firm with a long history of successful knowledge management.  I have worked in both London and Hong Kong and have also operated across associated offices in Europe, Asia and Australia.

My roles have often also included responsibility for areas closely aligned with knowledge, such as information services, learning & development and, more recently, innovation, AI, legal project management and legal tech.  I have recruited and developed teams in these areas and have extensive experience of recruiting and managing Knowledge Lawyers and Professional Support Lawyers. 


My interest in KM and law firm management in general was fostered while a fee earning partner and studying for an MBA in Legal Practice.  I realised then the importance of clients being able to access the collective knowledge and expertise of the whole firm and that there was much that could be done to ensure that lawyers are genuinely able to learn from one another, as well as from their own experience.  

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