Whilst case management solutions have been around for a good number of years the use of matter management systems has only restarted to gain momentum in the last five years. The difference between these systems depends on who you talk to.

Case management systems have long been seen as the requirement of volume legal departments where the required legal skill is low but the volume is high and the process followed is largely the same for 80-90% of matters, deviating from the designed process here is difficult if not impossible to do. Matter management exists where the legal process is more complicated and proves difficult (but not always impossible) to create a consistent process flow from beginning to end, this solution allows the lawyer to decide what they do next and smaller workflows may assist with that particular task then allow the lawyer to choose where they go to next.

A blurring of case and matter management has begun to happen in the last few years, with firms using matter management learning from the case management world. As an example file opening, conflict checking, money laundering, risk management, data capture (for MI) and file closing are all processes firms are following exactly the same process whether case or matter management. We believe that the objectives of these changes are to enable the firm to operate in a more efficient and consistent manner, to reduce both risk and the cost of producing work, and to improve its ability to recover fees. 

Business analysis, workflow mapping, risk analysis and technology are all required to design and implement a case or matter management solution. 3Kites is able to provide valuable assistance to firms in implementing and fully utilising case and matter management systems, because:

  • We have developed processes and templates which facilitate the understanding of existing processes in a manner which takes up internal time only when needed.


  • Our unique combination of lawyer, IT and supplier experience puts us in an ideal position to understand the requirements and the most practical ways of meeting them with the tools available. We are well placed to engage with the business and, if appropriate, its clients, to suggest process improvements to encourage take up of systems and deliver the best results.


  • We provide guidance on implementing case and matter management in a way which is both practical, but which also supports the need of the business. Our approach makes the matter and case systems part of everyday life and integrates with where the lawyer needs to be to work not making it another task to complete.


  • We have extensive experience of working with professionals to establish and fully utilise their matter and case management requirements and of finding the right solutions for them. 


  • We are [robustly] independent of any commercial ties to suppliers, we have good relationships with a number of suppliers to the professional service market and work to ensure we are up to date with their offerings and approaches.  We take pains to share this knowledge across our team. Our independence is important as it ensures we recommend the best solution to the firm not the solution we have most experience of.


  • We can provide the capacity and momentum to see the process through, so that it does not get delayed as a result of day to day pressures.


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