Making change happen in law firms - why is it so hard?

A good starting point is to consider what marks law firms out as businesses – and there are many characteristics which are not all helpful for making change happen: Partnerships consist of self-employed owners of the business. Moves to LLP status and managerial trends towards a more corporate regime have not worked their way into the culture of a number of firms yet. The way law firms report their results, reward their partners and pay their taxes all seem to conspire towards a short term approach from year to year, which may not encourage risk taking or long term investment. There is no perceived crisis in many firms. Incentive to change is heightened when people are convinced of the need f

The Alternative In-House Technology Summit

“In professional services if you aren’t addressing technology you really don’t have a future”. This slightly alarming quotation from a KPMG video presentation at the Alternative In House Technology Summit 2017 summed up the mood of the conference. The delegates at such a summit were of course likely to be people who take technology and its impact seriously, being willing to take two days out of their busy schedules to attend the event. They were rewarded with interesting discussions and presentations and plenty of practical tips and shared experiences. View the full article here



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