3Kites’ Brief Guide to Law Firm Mergers… and How to Make a Success of Them

Introduction A quick search for the term ‘Merger’ on the website of The Lawyer shows 342 results for 2010, rising through subsequent years to 1,188 for 2014. This may be a pretty broad brush, but the number of articles relating to this subject reflects the increased activity in this area. The aim of this article is not to provide chapter and verse on law firm mergers, but to help identify the key areas that need to be considered by a law firm in order to make the right decisions. These areas are: Drivers for merger – why they are on the increase Would a merger be right for your firm? Choosing your merger partner Making a success of your merger – things to think about. About the authors Dunca

Keeping up with the Joneses – the latest trends in intranet design

When we are engaged to work on an intranet project, we are often asked what other law firms are doing with their sites as a starting point for ideas for development. However, law firm intranets can benefit from looking at what is going on outside of the legal sector. Intranets within large corporate organisations are often a lot further ahead in terms of innovation and how they are being utilised. For example, we are seeing the term “digital workplace”, rather than intranet, being used to describe the internal platform which is used to surface up information and systems to support workers in their day to-day tasks. This article aims to provide a summary of some recent trends in intranet desi

Management of Legal Work – Case Management, Matter Management and Legal Project Management

“The appetite for project management and process management tools and methods appears to be off the scale,” according to the recent Legal Support Network research, Legal IT Landscapes 2015 Top 100 firms report 1 . However, the research uncovers some confusion (and possibly difference of understanding between vendors and law firms) about what is meant by matter management and legal project management. In our experience at 3Kites Consulting, it is certainly the case that, although case management 2 is a well-recognised concept, people mean different things by matter management and legal project management. We attempt to illustrate our understanding of these terms in the diagram below. In our v



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