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As consultants, what we do is to help law firms, in-house legal teams and other professional services organisations to find the best ways of improving the way they do things, often in the context of technology. Doing this effectively requires a deep understanding of what our clients’ businesses are about and what their clients expect of them, as well as the financial and competitive constraints. However, we know that each firm is different. As well as a different combination of practices – with the attendant financial drivers - and geographical locations, each firm has a different culture, a different combination of existing technologies and constraints, and different opportunities. It’s gen

Adoption, training and change management - why lawyers don’t make use of the technology they have

Are any of the following scenarios familiar in your firm? Tables of financial data are created in Word and manual calculations carried out, when Excel could do those calculations automatically and avoid the risk of failing to pick up the consequential changes when one figure is changed. Complex Word documents are amended without using the firm’s proper numbering and house styling tools, resulting in errors in cross references and in the table of contents. Documents and emails are not filed correctly in the electronic file, resulting in the risk that a colleague starts work on an old version of a document and misses key amendments that have been agreed. Or even these? Fee estimates are inaccu



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