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Fresh Thinking Consultants

A dynamic consultancy bringing fresh thinking to the professional services sector. Our unique blend of legal, IT and project expertise enables us to provide independent advice, strategic direction, project and team leadership.

What we do

3Kites Consulting is a consulting team specialising in providing strategic guidance and innovative solutions to professional service firms.  With a focus on delivering exceptional results we help our clients optimise their operations, streamline processes and drive growth.  Our team of experienced consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring that our clients achieve their goals and stay ahead in todays competitive market.

Our services

We work with

In-house Legal

Accountancy and Professional Service Firms

Who we are

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Our unique combination of practical experience as Law Firm Partners, General Counsel, IT Directors, Knowledge & Innovation Directors and as Software Suppliers, together with our knowledge of current technology, including the emerging Legal Technology and Legal Operations markets, enable us to deliver high quality professional services.

Our team comes from a range of backgrounds including:


Law Firm Partners


Business Analysts


Knowledge Directors


IT Directors


General Counsel


Risk and Compliance Partners




Software Vendors


Project Managers


Cloud Specialists

Client references

Our clients range from smaller regional firms to magic circle and international firms. Whilst our consultants are UK based we regularly work with firms in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US.

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Kate Stanfield
Director of Knowledge

Collas Crill

We reached out to 3Kites to support our new team of professional support lawyers, some of whom have only recently crossed over from fee earning. Jenni's experience in having made the same transition, and thoughtful personalisation of the training to our firm's needs made it a very valuable set of sessions, and her enthusiasm was infectious. Rather than just looking at the basics of knowledge management itself, Jenni offered meaningful insights into the relationship between knowledge management and fee earners. They left the session with a number of ideas for initiatives on improving stakeholder engagement, and a deeper understanding of what it means to work in knowledge management

Quick facts


Started in

Consultants at 3Kites


150+ clients

In the professional service sector, many of whom have instructed us multiple times

Our clients include firms of all sizes from 20 to many thousands

Product selection engagements



Major projects managed

50+ IT reviews and interim/fractional IT roles

Helping forms to develop a strategic approach to their technology

Thought leaders

With regular sessions on topical subjects


Knowledge management projects


Practice management/ Finance system projects


Document management system projects

Have a challenge that you would like to talk through?  We'd love to hear from you:

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